Longest range electric car

There are many new electric cars in the automotive market in the UK, every year a new car brand will launch a brand new model or an updated model. Car manufacturers are constantly working on solving the issue of battery range. In the current electric car market, there are the following cars that are ranked by the longest range.

1 – Tesla Model S – 375-miles
2 – Tesla Model 3 – 348-miles
3 – Tesla Model X – 315-miles
4 – Jaguar I-Pace – 292-miles
5 – Kia eNiro – 282-miles
6 – Mercedes EQ C – 280-miles
7 – HyundaiKonaEV-279-miles
8 – Audi e-Tron – 249-miles
9 – Nissan LEAF e+ – 239-miles
10 – BMW i3 – 193-miles
11 – Renault Zoe – 186-miles
12 – Hyundai Ioniq – 174-miles

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