Electric car Charging – Guides


macXcharging Guides section is continually updated aimingto give our customers as much information about the ever-growing market for electric vehicles available within theUnited Kingdom. We hope that thisinformation helps you in your decision to buy an electric caror charger for the home or workplace.

Compare electric cars by manufacturer and model

macXcharging EV Car Guide gives information on electric cars currently available within the UK.

Guide to electric car terminology

With a new industry and new technology comes a whole host of new terminology and jargon. This guide is designed to help with current terms and will be updated regularly.

How to buy a second-hand EV

How exactly do you go about buying a second-hand electric vehicle? Is it the same as buying a traditional car? Well, yes and no. What an unhelpful answer, let us explain

Costs associated with owning an electric car

As with traditional fuel engine vehicles, the cost of buying and running electric cars varies dependant on the make, model and specifics of the vehicle – giving choices suitable to everyone.

Charging your electric car

These guides lead you through the various elements relating to the charging of your car. We are adding new sections all the time

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