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All You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles.

As the general public has become more aware of the environment, they are now starting to look for ways to help reduce pollution. Along with the Government pushing the issue as well as general awareness of the electric vehicle industry is booming and is only going to get bigger. More and more people are interested in using electric cars or vans on a day to day basis. But there are a lot of questions that people need answering about making the move to electric. Here at West-Way we have you covered, we thought it was only right as one of the biggest stockists of the Nissan LEAF and Nissan e-NV200 van to help answer anything and everything regarding electric vehicles.

Buying a Charger - Connector Type | Solar Energy | OLEV

There are many different calculators online that will help you figure out the cost of charging an electric car. Take a look at Zap-map, it is one of the best car charging calculators available online right now. Below is the link:
Zap-Map: Public Charging Calculator for EVs

When comparing EVs against your standard combustion engines (petrol and diesel) there are several benefits.
1. You are helping the environment by reducing your CO2 contributions.
2. Electric cars are faster on acceleration, Tesla has proven this with their Ludicrous mode
3. Cheaper to run as its cheaper to charge a battery than it is to fill up at the pump. Plus servicing is cheaper as EV cars have fewer moving parts.
4. No more visiting fuel stations. Just charge your battery when you’re not using your vehicle at your convenience
5. Electric cars will soon be the same price as buying a combustion engine car. As the government pushes to reduce emissions.

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