EV Staycations

As the days become longer and lockdown restrictions ease, many of us are dreaming of sun-filled summer vacations. While travelling abroad remains uncertain for many, UK holiday possibilities are booming and EV staycations are becoming easier to plan with the huge developments being made in public charging infrastructure.

Offering the nations EV owners an opportunity to prove that range anxiety is a thing of the past. Swapping the stress-inducing airport trip and long-haul flight to explore the quintessential British countryside in your EV sounds sustainably dreamy to us.

Travelling Prospects – EV Staycations

Just a few years ago, the prospect of travelling up and down the country in an EV would have required pulling out every planning tool available to meticulously map out the journey and potential charging stops along the way. It was an adventure reserved for the brave-hearted.

Today, however, with the influx of investment, the charging infrastructure in the UK has come a long way (as of May 2021, there are almost 50,000 publicly available connection points). Combine this with the average range of EV’s exceeding 200 miles in 2021, and the idea of travelling from London to the Lake District seems entirely reasonable. There has never been a better time for an electric voyage across the country. With that in mind, we decided to check out the most EV-friendly places to visit in the UK this summer, from day trips to weeklong escapes.

EV Staycations

Image by Jan Alexander


Let’s start with cities. Sustainability conscious councils are revving investments into electric charge points to address air pollution in their major cities. As a result, several cities fell into our category of ‘places with the most charge points’. Great for day trips or weekend getaways.


With plenty of historical sites, parks and museums to visit, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. It’s also home to 141 charge points as of writing, making it one of the most EV friendly cities in the country.

Glasgow –

Scotland is ahead of the curve in EV infrastructure, and this is exemplified in the city of Glasgow. From city tours and outdoor gigs to the Celtic Park, you’re destined for a fun-filled weekend.

Manchester –

If you’re a football fan, Manchester could be the destination for you. From the Etihad Stadium to the national football museum, Manchester is synonymous with the iconic sport. The self-proclaimed capital of the North is also filled with sights demonstrating its industrial past and iconic architecture.

Liverpool –

The city for music and art lovers. Liverpool perfectly marries the buzz and excitement of a big city with vast coastal lines and botanical gardens. From the Wirral Peninsula to The Beatles. Additionally, the short distance between Liverpool and Manchester means you could easily combine the two for a long weekend, enabled by the collective 240+ charge points.

London –

We would be remised if we didn’t mention the Capital of EV charging. London still accounts for a significant proportion of the UK’s charging network and, as a result, makes it the most EV-friendly city to visit. Whether it’s a day trip to the heart of the city, taking advantage of the EV exclusions from emissions zone charges and free charge point parking, or a more extended stay on the outskirts of the hub. Notably, Wandsworth is the borough with the most EV charge points.


Are you looking to get away from city life and retreat to the countryside? While rural locations may have proved problematic before, these exact locations are heavily eco-conscious, continually investing in ways to maintain wildlife and landscapes. As a result, coastal counties and national parks are often some of the most well-serviced in terms of EV charging stations.

The Highlands

Another example of Scotland’s advancements in EV charging. The Highlands not only boast a generous amount of public charge points but has a high number of rapid chargers. Given a trip to the Highlands will include a lot of driving, this is good news for EV owners! While a driving holiday along the NC 500 will take some planning, it’s entirely possible. Just picture gazing upon the majestic mountains or pondering over the mysterious lochs. Whether you are hiking or cruising along the coastline, a trip to the Highlands will never disappoint.


As home to more castles than anywhere else in England, it also has an impressive number of charging points to get you on your way. If national parks, castles and stately homes are your things, then this could be your perfect getaway.

Cornwall –

There is a reason so many flocks to Cornwall for the summer. It has everything you need for an incredible staycation (including EV charging). Coastal walks, beautiful beaches and surfing in Newquay. Botanical gardens, castles and Cornish everything.

EV Staycations

Coast of Cornwall. Image by Darren Welsh

Dorset –

Seeking a camping adventure or perhaps a spa retreat? You’re bound to find something in this county littered with picturesque towns. If you want to explore the surrounding areas and require frequent charging, Christchurch takes the lead, boasting the most charge points for every 100 EV’s in the country (outside London).

Destination Charging

Perhaps the most efficient way of navigating charging in rural hotspots is to stay somewhere with EV charging installed. The government’s workplace charge point scheme (WCS) has enabled thousands of businesses, including hotels, to invest in EV charging on their premises. There’s even websites and apps cropping up to help you in your search, such as Good Hotel Guides.

If accommodation charging isn’t available, a quick check of the local restaurants and shops should enable you to find a local charging point you can use during your stay.

Getting Back to Nature

Suppose you’re looking to take your EV (and your family) on a camping adventure. Many campsites now offer to charge on-site; while some are free, others may charge, so be sure to check before you book.

For more info on charging while out and about, check out our post on EV Charging Locations.

Are you planning a staycation or long road trip in your EV this summer? We’d love to hear from you! Reply down in the comments to share your tips and tricks for taking on an electric-fuelled expedition.

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