Honda-e (2020) Guide

Honda-e (2020) Guide

Despite being a little late to the EV party, Honda knows how to make an entrance. The futuristic Honda-e strikes the perfect balance between cool aesthetics and adorable dimensions. Although range and performance fall below current industry averages, Honda is positioning this as an ideal city vehicle. The techy interior, space-age camera wing mirrors and extraordinary turning circle make this a truly fun and novel EV to own.

Electric Range

137 Miles

Avg Cost per Charge


Battery Size

35.5 Kwh

3.7Kw Charge

10 Hours

Connector Type

Type 2

Rapid Charge

Yes CCS max 60kW

OLEV Approved


Vehicle Type

Battery Electric

Charging a Honda-e

The Honda-e comes with a battery size of 35.5kWh and has an official WLTP range of 137-miles. Although this is a little tame in comparison to many new EV models on the market, Honda chose to focus on technology and driving experience, acknowledging the real-life statistics that highlight how many drivers will rarely travel further than this on a typical journey.

Charging times will, of course, vary based on the power of the charger; a 7kW home charger, for example, will take a little under 6 hours to charge from 0% to 100%, providing an approximate range per hour of 22 miles*. The total cost of home charging from empty to full, based on an electricity tariff of 14p/kWh, will be £4.97.

The Honda-e has a CCS connector option enabling you to make use of the rapid charging network that is expanding across the UK. Plugged into a 50kW charging station, the Honda will charge from 10-80% in 40 minutes.

Note: It is worth highlighting here that the Honda-e has a max DC rate of 60kW, this means if you plugged into a 100kW charger, you would still be charging at 60kW. Its max AC rate is 6.6kW, again, if you plugged into an 11kW AC charger, the battery will charge at 6.6kW.

Charging Times**:

  • 2.1kW (3-pin plug) = 17h for 0-100%
  • 3.7kW = 10h15m for 0-100%
  • 7.4kW = 6h for 0-100%
  • 11kW = 6h for 0-100%
  • 50kW = 40m for 0-80%

*Based on WLTP range

**Charging times are estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the charger in use and temperature of the battery.

Benefits of owning a Honda-e

Classified as a BEV, the Honda-e produces zero emissions which results in several benefits. Road tax, Ultra Low Emission Zones and London Congestion Charge all come in at an attractive £0. In addition to regular and yearly savings, this small EV qualifies for the OLEV Plug-in car and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grants.

What are people saying about the Honda-e?

The main talking point of the Honda-e is about how it looks. There is nothing quite like it on the market. This bold little car is five-door, despite its three-door appearance and can seat four adults relatively comfortably given its size. However, if you add luggage into the mix, then you may find it a little constrained due to the small boot space.

A 50-50 weight distribution, light steering and excellent visibility make it a pleasure to drive, further enhanced by the responsive acceleration that has become synonymous with electric driving. Efficient regenerative braking enables one-pedal driving while topping up the cars range capacity. Additionally, it packs a turning radius of just 4.3 metres! It’s nippy, assured and extremely fun to drive.

We can’t discuss the Honda-e without talking about those camera door mirrors. As the first vehicle to go into production with this technology as standard, many were at first unsure. However, the placement, high resolution and excellent visibility ensure they work. Although it may take a little getting used to, the use of cameras instead of mirrors reduces drag allowing the EV to go further on a single charge. Plus, they add a little extra something to the futuristic appeal of this car.

Inside, digital screens dominate the small cabin space with the twin infotainment centre making up the majority of the dash. The overall look is one that is rather sleek and cool; however, the tech itself is not as high quality as its appearance suggests, which could hamper the excitement for those seeking something more.

The only barrier is the price. It costs a bit more than many of its rivals such as the Renault Zoe and offers less range. Nevertheless, if long-distance driving isn’t your thing, the Honda-e is compact and confident. A great, petite, city car that makes a real statement.