Cost to charge an electric car?

The numerous benefits of being an electric car owner include the obvious environmental credentials, tax benefits and now being exempt from certain congestion charges – a massive consideration is the low running costs.

Most owners of Electric (EV) and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s) choose to charge their car overnight. The macXcharging WallStation is suitable for installation inside a garage or outside exposed to the elements.


Their are four main methods to charging an electric car

  • Home Charging
  • Using a Public Charger
  • Charging at work
  • Rapid Charging

Four considerations to charging an electric car

  • Time of day charging ?
  • Where you are charging the car ?
  • How big the cars battery is ?
  • How much charge you require ?

Cost to charge an electric car at home

90% of electric cars are charged at home (Govt Data).
An average cost to charge a car at home overnight is £7.00 – £8.00.

Cost to charge an electric car at a public charger

Factors that influence time to charge

  • Vehicle acceptance Rate (The cars charger, in kW)
  • Vehicle Battery Capacity (in kWh)
  • Charger Delivery Rate (The chargers maximum output capacity, in kW)

Factors that influence power consumption

  • Braking – As for combustion engines using fuel, electric vehicles use extra power when fast acceleration and high speeds. EV’s utilise kinetic energy generated by the brakes during the process of slowing down.
  • EV in car functionality – In car media, lights, electric windows etc all have a impact on the vehicles consumption and range. This is a bigger issue when it comes to in car heating and air conditioning. (it should be borne in mind that the vehicle can be heated prior to the journey whilst still connected to the power source)​

Charging Times

  • Recharging with a domestic plug into a regular household socket: 8 – 10 hours

Excluding sports and upmarket models, most electric cars are recharged in 8 – 10 hours on any 230 V power outlet through a cable with an adapter provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The ideal is to charge electric cars at night unless they can benefit from electricity produced by your solar panels!

  • Normal charging with a home charge point: 4-to-6 hours

It is possible to have a charging station for domestic electric vehicles installed at your home. macXcharging offer the ‘Wallstation charger designed to recharge electric cars at their customers’ homes for a budget of £750.00 plus installation (£500.00 available to qualifying customers for the government OLEV grant).

  • Corporate semi-quick charging: 1¼ hours

Companies can install more powerful connections for recharging their fleets. They also generally have three-phase circuits, which greatly reduces the charging time compared to recharging at home.

  • Quick charging at petrol stations: 30 Minutes

A very powerful terminal can charge an electrical battery to 80% in a half hour.This time could be further reduced in the coming years: the manufacturer Tesla is currently developing an electrical terminal capable of fully charging a battery in a matter of minutes. The electrical power needed is enormous: 600 kilowatts, equivalent to the connecting power of 70 houses!

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