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macXcharging are energetic start-up with big ideas around electric vehicle chargers. The electric revolution has already begun, but we believe it could be smarter. Born out of a desire to provide EV owners with a charger that leverages the latest developments in Clean Tech, minimising electric car charging times, and cost, all neatly packed into one aesthetically pleasing home car charger. Our aim is to provide you with total control over how you charge your electric vehicle. Enabling you to be the real-life eco-hero you were born to be. Empowering you with data and analysis.

Tony Maclachlan

About Tony Maclachlan

Hi - I am the operations director and some say the wisdom officer, mainly due to age I feel, with an extensive background in e-commerce and start-ups. A real Apple fanboy, who required a period of adjustment when we switched to Office365. Used to be a detective and plays the bagpipes, all true. Drives Zoe. EV aspiration: Tesla X

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