Solar + Wind Utilization

Engineered for a sustainable future, the Wallstation gives you the power to be the real life eco-hero you were born to be by utilizing energy generated from your solar and/or wind turbine systems.

How it Works

If you have a domestic microgeneration system such as Solar PV and/or small wind turbines at home, the Wallstation is able to optimize this energy source, ensuring the charging of EV is as environmentally friendly as possible. The Eco charging mode automatically adjusts the charging point to your EV, ensuring that any surplus generated energy is used to charge your EV instead of being exported back into the grid.

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charging electric car with solar and wind power

This surplus energy is the difference between what is generated by your microgeneration system and the energy consumed to power the rest of your home. By installing a current sensor on the incoming grid supply cable, the Wallstation can monitor excess power and, when using the Eco charging mode,
automatically adjusts the charge rate in response to this surplus power.

Choose How You Charge

As the EV charging standard does not allow charging below 1.4kW, your EV will stop charging if the surplus power drops below this value however, you can choose to import from the grid to top up the power being generated by your microgeneration system to meet the minimum 1.4kW needed.

In the mobile app you have the option to choose to import a percentage of the minimum 1.4kW, between 0%-100%. If you select 0%, the Wallstation will import nothing from the grid and if you select 100% the Wallstation, if needed, will top up the required amount up to 1.4kW.