Dynamic Load Balancing

What if you don’t have solar? You can still control your overall energy consumption with the Wallstation dynamic load balancing capabilities. Set a limit and our charger will do the rest. Reduce your energy usage and prepare for a future when you have more than one EV charger installed at your home.

How it works

Manage your overall consumption by setting a limit on what you consume. This feature allows you to balance the load of your home, enabling you to make a more cost effective and Eco-friendly choice when charging your EV. The additional ‘CT Box’ measures the total amount of energy consumed in the home, allowing you to limit the charging output to your EV by drawing the minimum amount of energy from the grid at any one time. For example, if you set a maximum of 12kW and the household is pulling 10kW, the Wallstation will use the remaining 2kW to charge.

Dynamic Load balancing capabilities distributes available power from the grid to the Wallstation. As we move towards an electrified future this feature is required for all OLEV approved EV chargers.

As EV adoption increases so too will the pressure being applied to grid. Load balancing capabilities are vital in establishing a strong infrastructure that enables a truly sustainable future.

Furthermore, leveraging SMART functionalities such as this will enable you to prepare for a future when you have more than one EV charger installed at home.

Energy Consumption

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