We are an energetic start-up with big ideas around EV charging. The electric revolution has already begun, but we believe it could be smarter. Born out of a desire to provide EV owners with a charger that leverages the latest developments in Clean Tech, all neatly packed into one aesthetically pleasing unit.

Our aim is to provide you with total control over how you charge your EV. Enabling you to be the real-life eco-hero you were born to be. Empowering you with data and analysis. Giving you options.


We’re a lively bunch based in Luton, conveniently located in an office with a pool table. This had led to a sharp increase in our pool skills, plus lengthy disputes ascertaining as to who is the best player. The debate continues, but for now here are the contenders.

Robbie Maclachlan


Robbie is the installation and production director, plus our very own qualified electrician. Considerable site management experience makes Robbie the practical one who gets things done. Dad to Gunner, the excitable black lab. Boldly claims to be the no.1 pool player at macXcharging. Unfortunately for Robbie, this means absolutely nothing. EV aspiration: Jag iPace

James Kissane


James is technical director and resident genius. An experienced engineer, James lords over all thing’s tech-related in the business, office and home. A PC user, Microsoft wiz, Android fan and avid Guinness drinker. Just finished his 7th re-run of GoT, that wasn’t a typo, he’s a big fan. EV aspiration: Tesla S

Tony Maclachlan


Tony is operations director and chief wisdom officer, with an extensive background in e-commerce and start-ups. A real Apple fanboy, who required a period of adjustment when we switched to Office365. Used to be a detective and plays the bagpipes, all true. Drives Zoe. EV aspiration: Tesla X

Bernadette Kissane


Bernie is our marketing and strategy consultant, self-proclaimed in-house health guru and coffee snob. A minor obsession with health/scientific research has resulted in seemingly odd habits, such as sprinkling mustard powder over all cooked cruciferous vegetables. It’s best we leave it there. EV aspiration: Tesla Roadster


Design EV chargers that work for you. The above might be a catchy tagline, but what does it mean exactly? We’ve translated the meaning of this into different areas:

In Software Terms
Our chargers have the functionality to utilise renewable domestic energy.
You can customise multiple schedules (because charging should revolve around you, not vice versa).
The app enables you to track data in real time,informing future charging sessions (or to be used as a form of entertainment, if that’s your thing).

Hardware Translation
Minimal, sleek, unobtrusive housing unit that is durable.

Real Life Impact
Make your charging sessions as economically and environmentally friendly as possible. Never wake up to an uncharged battery. Plug-in and start/end charging from the comfort of your sofa with remote access.


Just as important as what we do.

We do not try to sell you our product based on its safety features. Your safety is our top priority, that is not a selling point, it’s a fundamental requirement.

We do not treat you as an inconvenience when you’re having trouble with your charger.

We do not make you jump through hoops for an exchange

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