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We are working hard to finalize the design and functionality of our all-new Wallstation charger & home charge scheme.

As We approach our 2021 launch, we will share sneak previews of the design on our social media platforms

We are incredibly excited and look forward to your feedback.

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We are an energetic start-up with big ideas around EV charging. With electricity supply, the electric revolution has already begun, but we believe it could be smarter. Born out of a desire to provide EV owners with a charger that leverages the latest developments in CleanTech, all neatly packed into one aesthetically pleasing unit.

Our aim is to provide you with total control over how you charge your EV. Electric vehicle charging enables you to be the real-life eco-hero you were born to be. Empowering you with data and analysis. Giving you options of charging cable and home charging


macXcharging Wallstation® is a fully integrated electric car charger that utilises micro-generated energy from your Solar and Wind Turbines. App-controlled with smart functionalities that allow you to monitor and track your charging rate or energy consumption.


Energy generated from domestic Solar PV panels, Wind turbines or flowing water systems is a great way to do your part for the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use only this energy to charge your EV? Well now you can, the Wallstation® has been engineered with sustainability in-mind giving you the power to charge your EV with the energy generated on-site.

Solar & Wind Circle Photo


What if you don’t have solar? You can still control your overall energy consumption with the Wall-stations dynamic load balancing capabilities. Set a limit and our charger will do the rest. Reduce your energy usage and prepare for a future when you have more than one EV charger installed at home.

Dynamic Load Balancing capabilities automatically distributes available power from the grid to the Wallstation. As we move towards an electrified future this feature is required for all OLEV approved EV chargers.


Stay in charge. How you charge is up to you. Customize each charging session with a pin point to suit your needs. Create a tailored charging schedule for the week ahead, never forget to charge with plug-in reminders and take your pick from three charging modes (Eco, Slow or Fast). You have options of home charging point

Notably, this function allows you to take advantage of night-time tariffs, enabling charging sessions that are both economically and environmentally friendly.

Electric car Charging – Guides


MacXcharging Guides section is continually updated aiming to give our customers as much information about the ever-growing market for electric vehicles available within the United Kingdom. We hope that this information helps you in your decision to buy an electric car to charge at home to charge your car.

Compare electric cars by manufacturer and model

macXcharging EV Car Guide gives information on electric cars currently available within the UK.

Guide to electric vehicle terminology

With a new industry and new technology comes a whole host of new terminology and jargon. This guide is designed to help with current terms and will be updated regularly.

How to buy a second-hand Electric Vehicle (EV)

How exactly do you go about buying a second-hand electric vehicle? Is it the same as buying a traditional car? Well, yes and no. What an unhelpful answer, let us explain